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Being 50


So, now I am 50 years old – or perhaps I’m just 18 with 32 years experience as one of my birthday cards suggested ! Either way, I had a lovely evening before down the pub with my wife and friends from around my local community & wider afield and then, on the ‘big’ day, I had an absolutely amazing lunch at Gaucho in Richmond (an Argentinian Steak restaurant which I highly recommended by the way) with my wife and 3 very dear friends.

The gifts:

I don’t actually need gifts so buying for me is particularly difficult, but my wife and friends know me well enough to find exactly the right thing and, in no particular order, here they are:

  • 5 bottles of Whiskey (1 for each decade)
  • 50 bottles of real ale (1 for each year)
  • A beautiful old, iron, hand-tilling tool (at least 50 years old!)
  • A box of ‘old school’ sweets
  • Another bottle of Whiskey
  • A box of Posh Cheese

I have used the tilling tool on my allotment plot already and it is amazing – makes the work not only easier, but much quicker – see Allotment Thoughts

Myself and my wife quickly munched through the cheese 🙂

Trying to be good and not yet started the sweets,

I have started drinking (and sharing) the first bottle of Whiskey – see 6 Whiskeys

I have started drinking (but not sharing) the 50 bottles of Real ale – see 50 Bottles of Beer


Being 50 is fine.